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sequence of events when buying a diy conservatory


The style of your conservatory should complimentget a diy conservatory quote the architectural design of your property. There are no hard and fast rules but generally you will find that modern properties lend themselves to lean-to’s and Edwardian styles while period properties prefer Victorian or gable fronted designs, depending on which period they were built in. In order to help, we provide a free service ‘where a picture says a thousand words’. Send us a digital photo of the house and we will place your conservatory on the house and email the image.

design process for a diy conservatory


There are numerous reasons for conservatory extension. Living, dining, playing,kitchen, office or any combination of your reasons will determine the minimum internal space and amount of glass as opposed to brick work you require for your DIY Conservatory Project. With our wealth of experience we hope to be able to give you sound advice when designing your conservatory.

The Traditional Concrete and Brick Base

Please click on the below image to take you to a detailed page about traditional bases. Alternatively, you can visit the Durabase page to view the steel, self build conservatory base option.



uPVC products come as standard in white, but you may choose from rosewood on white, Rosewood, light oak on white or light Oak. Choose the finish that will best  compliment your property. There are a range of glass treatments that are available to cool or heat, reduce solar heat gain or improve the view out. Roof glazing material from polycarbonate to self cleaning, anti-sun anti-glare, low emission, argon filled, trough, double glazed sealed units are available. Please contact us for impartial advice on what would benefit you the most.

Temperature Control

If you wish to use your conservatory all year round this is a very important design issue. We have heard so many tales of conservatories that are ‘boiling’ in summer and ‘freezing’ in winter. This does not have to be the case if you plan carefully. If your self build conservatory is South facing, then ventilation and solar heat gain are issues that should be carefully considered. Roof vents and large windows would be part of the solution. Solar heat gain can be controlled by a number treatments as is heat retention. This is a technical area we would be pleased to advise you on. So don’t hesitate to contact us for advise.

Getting a Quote:

Self Build Conservatory Quote


As you may have noticed we only give a few price examples as a general guide to some popular conservatories. The reason is there are thousands of pricing variations that would take hours for you to trawl through. All you need to do is fill in the online quote form and we will contact you with all the details you require for your self build conservatory project.

Placing an Order:


Once you have confirmed the specification, supplied drawings and quotation amount are correct, you can either contact us via email or freephone, quoting your reference number, and we will send you the order forms for completion (all done on email) and your 25% deposit request via Paypal. Once we receive the completed order form and deposit we process the order through to the factory and within a week the delivery date and manufacture drawings will be generated and forwarded to you via email.


Free Delivery on all DIY Conservatories

On Time

Your DIY conservatory will normally be delivered with 28 days of you placing your order. There is no extra charge for delivery throughout mainland UK. Additional charges will apply to Ireland and Europe. When your conservatory is delivered, you will discover that all the parts are expertly packaged and protected. All packages have reference identification labels so you can quickly identify the components from the check lists. Included in the delivery will your installation manual and DVD.

After Sales Service:


Included in your delivery documentation you will be provided with a contact number for help and advice. This service will also remedy any product issues that you might encounter. Don’t forget, you have a 10 year warranty.

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