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The Gable End Style

The gable end style of conservatory is as old as the concept it’s self. It is one of the more popular conservatory desighs. What you first notice on entering is the height of the glazed area at the front of the conservatory. The gable end design is compatible with just about any architectural styles. For a modern feel to the structure you can remove the decrative features on the roof ridge and using a stainless steel tie-wire create a contemporary feel. When building a diy conservatory, the maximum projection and width, before the need for structural upgrades, is about 5000 mm. The gable end can have a number designs in the glazed area which will enhance the appearance.

The Edwardian Style

When using the Edwardian style conservatory the volume of space is much larger than that of the Victorian. It is common practice when building diy conservatories to use varying heights of brick wall work. This can be very practical and improve the space’s aesthetic value With the advances in modern technology that could applied to the structure and the glazing it has become possible to have glass structures that are thermally efficient, year round. A full height glass structure is now a

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preference as a dining or sitting room offering impressive views of the landscaping. Edwardian style conservatories can be up to 5100 mm in projection and 5200 mm in width before any structural upgrades are necessary. The Edwardian style of conservatory has become the most popular choice and is considered more of an extension than a conservatory.

Bay Edwardian Style

The bay Edwardian conservatory style is only a combination of the Edwardian and Victorian conservatory. Basically, the diy conservatory model is the Edwardian style with the corner cut off. This is done by introducing another roof hip and corner post to create a forty five degree corner. The facet dimension can be specified to accommodate the French doors, a single door or windows. This design can be applied to overcome a problem like a manhole cover or just to make the style more interesting. Placing the double doors on the corner creates an interesting view point when viewed from inside. This will draw the eye to the view created by the glazed doors. The internal view is also enhanced by the introduction of the additional roof hip, the only draw back is the roof members do not always line up on the roof ridge because of the differing lengths of the left and right hand walls. This can be overcome by introducing an additional frame on the long side to allow the roof spars to meet.

The Victorian Style

This conservatory design was created to compliment Victorian architecture. The three facet Victorian style copied the Victorian bay window. The decorative finials & cresting were designed to match the Victorian ironmongery. On wider conservatories it will become necessary to increase the the front facets in order to keep the floor plan workable. On most homes this usually means five or seven facets are used to create a much more rounded look. Again, the projection and width should be kept to about 5000 mm to avoid structural upgrades and expences.

The Lean-to Style

The lean-to is the most popular conservatory design in the UK. The DIY conservatory market attributes about 50% of it’s turn over for the demand for the lean-to style. This conservatory is the easiest to install as the roof attaches to the host wall without the need of suspended roof ridges which can be complicated. A standard lean-to roof has a pitch of five degrees. This can be reduced to 2.5 degrees if required and raised to 30 degrees, but would require large ‘glazed cheese on either end. This style is popular with bungalow owners and can be attached to the facia or below, on the house wall.

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