DIY Orangery Case Study

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sequence of build for a diy self build orangery

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The below case study is of a 5950 mm wide x 2600 mm projection, K2 Capella Orangery. The client specified a glass roof treated with Pilkington Blue, Activ and Low-E. In place of a traditional brick and concrete base the client opted for the Durabase system to avoid the mess created from building and for ease of construction.

Cutting into slope for base



As the ground slopes towards the house it was necessary to cut into the bank to create a level area.




laying out Durabase and footings



Setting out the Durabase frame on the prepared surface. Note, only four concrete pads were required.




installing skirt to Durabase



Durabase steel frame installed on a weed membrane and the 150mm brick skirt, in a buff brick, fitted




installing dwarf wall on Durabase



Installing the Durabase 525 mm high dwarf wall onto the steel base. The wall is supplied in convenient sized cassettes.




Complete wall on Durabase



The Durabase dwarf wall is complete. The cassettes arrive with a predrilled hole to allow for plumbing and electrics





fixing cill to Durabase



The 150 mm wide cill is now fixed to the Durabase dwarf wall. The cill should protrude by 50 mm past the wall.




fitting frames to Durabase


The frames are now fitted to the cill using prerouted slots. Note the frames fit under the soffit of the bungalow.





glazed frames installed


All the frames have been installed. The frames arrive preglazed and fit together with a connector plate, no screws required.







Orangery roof structure installed


The structural aluminium roof bars are fitted. The roof is supported on the bungalow by an aluminium box gutter.





Orangery roof glazing installed



The roof glazing is fitted. The client has specified toughened glass treated with Pilkington Blue, Activ and Low-E.




Orangery roof cladding installed



The roof bar top caps are fitted to secure the glass and the cresting and finials are installed  to give the Orangery a decorative finish.




Orangery facia installed



The enhanced aluminium facia / gutter is fitted to the ring beam. The facia has a powder coated finish to match the frame colour.




orangery pelmet bracket installed



Internally, the aluminium bracket for the lighting pelmet is fitted. Note the clad underside of the box gutter on the left.




orangery internal lighting bulkhead



The lighting bulk head id fitted to the aluminium bracket. The system is designed to accommodate up or down lighting.




Orangery now water proofed



The orangery is now water proofed and lead flashing is used to weather the joint between the box gutter and the bungalows roof.




Orangery close to completion



The orangery is now close to completion. The jointing cover strips and corner post cladding to be fixed and internal window boards fitted.